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Welcome to Pieces of Eight

My name is Jhett Szostak, I am a 20 year old self-taught game design artist and indie developer. I live in Jasper, Alberta, Canada.

I love playing video games and contributing with work for our community with map making and custom texture work for games I play. I used to mod games like “Space Engineers”, or more recently “Pavlov VR” but found a passion through creating my own game, “Pieces of Eight”.

I really enjoyed VR games, which brought me to the passion of learning to make games, and begin creating Pieces of Eight.

Starting of as an Artist made me want to take care of all of the details required to build up immersion, and have us feel in the game.

My hope is to make the community enjoy VR and make the experience as rich and real as I can for everybody to enjoy.



I live in Jasper, Alberta Canada. It is a small town in the Rocky Mountains in the middle of a national park.

I like doing outdoor activities, and living here gives me all the things I love to do.
I was a raft guide during the summer and also enjoy snowboarding, ice climbing, and all sports.
Being surrounded with nature lets me go on adventures not only by myself but also with my family.
Zia, my 4 year old cat goes with us everywhere. Windsurfing, hikes, she enjoys being outside as much as me and my fiancee.
Paloma, my fiancee is my biggest supporter, and best friend for years.
She is packed full of ideas, a fun, uplifting attitude, and always brings positivity to me and our small family.
Our newest kitten, Max is a super energetic crazy cat, and is super fun to play with

I love creating music, textures, or expressing my creatively in anyway possible.

I am very excited to share this with you. This project has been built with lots of dedication and hard work.
I love that you all can enjoy the result of my passion.